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UCLA Legend Bill Walton Takes a Long, Strange Tucson?

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Besides being known for basketball, UCLA legend Bill Walton is also known for his love of the Grateful Dead as well as his travels, but this may be his strangest trip yet.

UCLA legend and national treasure Bill Walton
UCLA legend and national treasure Bill Walton
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In case you couldn’t tell, those of us here at Bruins Nation hold Bill Walton in high esteem. Yeah, we know some of you can’t stand listening to him whenever he’s broadcasting, but there’s just something...special...about Bill.

But, this time, it just may take the cake.

Campus Rush has a story about an artist who has painted an unusual mural in Tucson. Local artist Ignacio Garcia has painted a gigantic mural on the side of the Rialto Theatre of Bill Walton riding a jackalope.

Nevermind the fact that a jackalope is a mythological creature which is a cross between an antelope and a jackrabbit.

The mural depicts Walton, decked out in cowboy boots and jeans, riding on the back of the creature. It also shows a cowboy hat that has flown off of Bill’s head while he appears to be holding on for his life riding the gigantic animal. (It HAS to be a gigantic animal, after all, because it looks larger than Walton in the image.)

But, right there, almost smack dab in the middle of the mural is Walton’s smiling face.

The irony of this cannot be overlooked.

The mural is less than 2 miles from the McKale Center on the campus of the University of Arizona. Not only that, but, in 2014, there was a petition to ban Bill from announcing any U of A basketball games.

Can you just imagine Sean Miller’s reaction whenever he drives past the Rialto Theatre in Tucson? Priceless!

Go Bruins!