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UCLA Bruins Are Prepping For Rio Olympic Games

The U.S. Women’s Water Polo was announced today and five Bruin players are headed to Rio. Meanwhile, UCLA Men’s Volleyball coach John Speraw is making preparations to head to the Olympics, too.


One of my favorite things about UCLA Athletics comes up every four years. I think we’ve all seen it at one time or another.

If UCLA were a country....

That’s because UCLA’s student-athletes have a proud history of participation and achievement at the Olympic Games.

It looks like this year will be no exception.

Today, former UCLA and current U.S. Olympic Women’s Water Polo Head Coach Adam Krikorian announced the thirteen athletes who will compete as part of the U.S. Olympic Women’s Water Polo team and five of the thirteen are Bruins.

The five Bruins are Courtney Matthewson who led her four UCLA teams to four national championships under Krikorian, KK Clark who was a member of the 2009 national champions, Sami Hill who is UCLA’s all-time leader in saves, current Bruin Rachel Fattal and incoming freshman Maddie Musselman.

The U.S. Women’s Water Polo team is looking to repeat its 2012 goal medal performance.

In other UCLA Olympic news, Bruin Men’s Volleyball Coach John Speraw is making preparations for Rio where he will coach the U.S. Men’s Indoor Volleyball team. But his preparations have more to do with life after Rio than the games themselves.

Because of concerns about the Zika virus, Speraw is freezing his sperm just in case he gets infected. The NY Times article which discusses Speraw’s preparations for Rio quotes him as saying:

My wife and I would like to have another kid. And I’m no spring chicken. I don’t want to get Zika and have to wait another year, or whatever it may be, for us to have kids. I’m paying attention to Zika, and I’m concerned about it. It’s not going to stop me from going down there, but I’m taking measures right now.

These are just a few stories of what will probably be many as the summer moves on and we get closer to the Rio Games.

Go Bruins!