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FINALLY! It Looks Like Adidas Has Fixed The UCLA Stripe

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Some may say this is three years' late and millions of dollars short, but it looks like, in a last ditch attempt to keep the UCLA apparel contract, Adidas has finally fixed the UCLA Stripe.


We all know how Under Armour has spoken of respecting the traditions of UCLA’s uniforms. And we’ve looked at the details of the new Under Armour contract in depth.

But, just how important was fixing the "UCLA Stripe" on the Bruin Football uniforms as part of the apparel negotiation process?

Aside from the question being asked at the UCLA-UA press conference, it’s not quite clear how important it was during the discussions.

But, today, we may finally have an idea.

We’ve heard for years about how difficult it was for Adidas to manufacture a jersey with a real UCLA Stripe.

Well, an image from the UCLA Football Twitter account seems to indicate that Adidas has finally found a way to extend a real UCLA Stripe that doesn’t look like someone took a ginsu knife to it.

You’ll notice that the jersey shown in the tweet has the same font for the numerals, albeit not the shiny version from last year and a real UCLA Stripe that looks the best in a really, really long time.

What took you so long, Adidas?

It looks like you’re a few years and a few million dollars too late.

Go Bruins!!!