The Hiring of Kory Alford Is Still Raising Questions

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A couple months ago my attorney made the following Public Records Act request of Morgan Center:

1. All writings reflecting and constituting the process by which Kory Barnett was hired as video coordinator for the men's basketball team in 2013, including but not limited to Kory Barnett's requests to be hired, any documents proposing to hire him, any contracts or letter agreements reflecting the hire, any disclosure by Steve Alford to Dan Guerrero or Gene Block that Kory Barnett was the son of Steve Alford's former agent and a close Alford family friend, and any notices to the public announcing that the position was open prior to Kory Barnett's hire.

2. All writings reflecting and constituting the process by which Kory Alford was hired as video coordinator for the men's basketball team in 2015, including without limitation any notices to the public announcing that the position was open prior to Kory Alford's hire and any requests to the Chancellor to approve the hire.

3. Any documents reflecting the fact that the Chancellor of UCLA, or his designate, approved the hire of Kory Alford in 2015.

4. Any records which reflect the compensation Kory Barnett has received from the date Kory Alford took over Kory Barnett's job as video coordinator for the men's basketball team to the present, including salary, bonuses and all other forms of compensation.

5. All drafts prepared by or on behalf of the Athletic Department of the recent letter from Steve Alford to "UCLA Family, Friends, Alumni and Supporters" in which Alford announces that he has "return[ed] the one year contract extension I received after the 2013-14 season."

6. All documents reflecting that Steve Alford's "return [of] the one]year contract extension I received after the 2013-14 season" was processed by Dan Guerrero and/or the Athletic Department and/or UCLA and/or the Regents of the University of California.

Here are the documents responsive to my attorney’s Public Records Act request.

Note there is only one letter from Steve Alford concerning giving back his contract extension. There are no drafts and UCLA says they would be withheld if they existed. So we can’t know one way or the other who wrote Alford’s letter.

UCLA also advertised for Kory Alford’s job, for two weeks, got 7 candidates and – surprise! – Kory Alford got the job! It looks like everything was done to the letter of the law. But this says nothing about the spirit. The fact that the position opened up even though there was someone already doing (and who continued to do it the next year) is certainly provocative.

Finally, it looks like the "camp counselor" position is used to give people jobs, if not a leg up, in UCLA hiring. And we have no idea how much "camp counselors" make. It will have to await the next disclosure from Transparent California of UC salaries for 2015 (which won’t be out for many months).

Pretty much a nothing burger from UCLA. Not enough to say there was or was not nepotism. But I, for one, am not willing to believe that it was just a coincidence that Kory Alford was the best candidate and got hired, especially when there is evidence Kory Alford was talking about this hire as a done deal months before it took place, in this article, where you can connect the dots in two paragraphs from the Albuquerque Journal:

Sure he’s eager for his future. Kory graduates from UCLA this spring with a degree in sociology, will marry Eldorado High School graduate and former UNM cheerleader Haley Tricarico in September and hopes to start his college coaching career next season, likely in some video editing role.
. . .
Kory realizes his part of that journey as a player is about to be over and the next phase as a coach begins. And he also knows no matter what the job, he’ll probably face the same "coach’s son" scrutiny he’s been helping Bryce deflect for the past two years at UCLA.

That was in March 2015, months before the job Kory Alford got was advertised.

NIt wasn't like Kory Alford was looking for a job anywhere else. He had been hired as a "camp counselor" for UCLA's summer camps. Why would he do that if he didn't know he'd get the "video coordinator" job?

I am not a naive person. I understand how things work. I think they worked a certain way for Kory Alford. And we already have evidence of nepotism with his younger brother and his father.

Needless to say, I am disappointed in UCLA. I thought we were better than this. Apparently we are not.

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