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UCLA Football: Jim Mora’s Latest Contract Extension Is Different From His Previous Extensions

Jim Mora’s latest contract extension provides no increase in salary, but adds academic and on-the-field performance incentives.

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NCAA Football: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, UCLA announced Jim Mora’s contract has been extended for two more years.

When it was announced, the timing of the extension was questioned by many of our readers due to the extension coming after a disappointing season.

Our readers also like to know as many of the details about these things as possible and we believe in providing those details as soon as we can.

The details of Jim Mora’s latest contract extension are now available. So, I’ve embedded the actual extension (along with his original contract with his first two extensions included) to the bottom of this article.

The extension itself looks to be a relatively good deal overall.

Unlike Coach Mora’s second extension which increased the “Talent Fee” portion of his contract, there is no specific raise given. In fact, even in the additional years the Talent Fee does not increase from the previous extension.

The big changes are in the available bonuses.

Academic Bonuses

Previously, Mora had an opportunity to earn two bonuses based on the academic performance of his players. He could earn a $25,000 bonus if the Graduation Success Rate for the football team exceeds 56 percent and another $25,000 bonus if the Academic Progress Rate equaled 930 or higher.

The newest extension allows Mora to earn additional bonuses for achieving higher APR scores. He earns an extra $10K if the APR equals 940 or higher, another $10K if it equals 950 or higher, another $10K if it equals 960 or higher, another $15K if it equals 970 or higher, another $15K if it equals 980 or higher and, finally, another $25K if it equals 990 or higher.

So, what does that mean compared to where his teams have scored academically?

Coach Mora’s first three teams each scored between 972 and 979, according to the NCAA APR Database.

This simply means that if the football team’s APR stays in the same range as it was during Coach Mora’s first three years, he’ll get paid an additional $45,000. But, the point of contract incentives is, of course, to encourage certain types of behavior and the newest extension gives Coach Mora 85,000 reasons to work on raising the football team’s APR to 990 or more.

The bottom line: it encourages academic progress as defined by the NCAA. Of course, you can debate the merits of the Academic Progress Rate, but that’s another story.

On-the-field Bonuses

The extension also adds a $25K in incentive bonuses for a Top 10 finish in the AP Poll and an additional $25K for a Top 5 finish in the AP Poll.

The bottom line: the extension gives Coach Mora an even bigger reason to push the team to succeed on the field.

The final change this extension makes is that it changes the buyout structure should Mora decide to leave UCLA.

Mora’s second extension set his contract buyout at $1.375M before January 16, 2017. That amount is now raised to $2M. The buyout before January 16, 2018 is raised from $1M to $1.7M. It also adds in a buyout for 2019 and 2020 of $1.375M and $1M, respectively.

Now that we have the contract details, what do you think of this latest extension? Do you still think the timing wasn’t right? Or, do you think that maybe extending it without a raise was the right way to go? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Coach Mora’s original contract with his first two extensions:

Coach Mora’s extension from June 2016:

Go Bruins!