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UCLA Basketball Fan Names Wi-Fi Network #FireSteveAlford

Sometimes, it's hard to measure the animosity UCLA fans have for Steve Alford. But, then again, sometimes, it isn't.

"There's a what in Westwood?"
"There's a what in Westwood?"
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, there’s stuff that sounds like we just made it up, but, really, we don’t make this stuff up.

One of those times was yesterday evening when Lisa Horne gave us a heads up on a tweet from Amanda Rykoff. If you’re on Twitter and not already following one or both of these ladies, you should add them because they consistently tweet good information on sports and other stuff. Lisa is a college football reporter for the Sporting News and Amanda has written in the past for ESPN and ESPNw.

Anyhow, it turns out that Amanda was in Westwood yesterday near the corner of Weyburn and Hilgard and she came across someone’s wi-fi network.

Now, we aren’t sure who set up this particular network. No one affiliated with Bruins Nation is responsible for this, but we fully endorse it! Take a look at Amanda’s tweet to see for yourself.

We really can’t make this stuff up.

Go Bruins!!!