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Southern Cal Tries To Claim Lauren Fendrick as a Trojan Olympian

When Southern Cal tried to claim Lauren Fendrick as a Trojan Olympian, a battle broke out on social media that ended with a Bruin mike drop.


The battle between UCLA and Southern Cal is heating up on social media.

It started on Friday when USC Beach Volleyball tweeted this:

There’s only one problem with the tweet. Fendrick never played volleyball or beach volleyball for Southern Cal. She simply got her law degree there.

Rightfully, that prompted a response from the UCLA Athletic Department because Fendrick got her undergrad degree and used up all her eligibility as a Bruin.

Understandably, some Bruins didn’t like Southern Cal claiming a former Bruin as a Trojan Olympian, like a former Den President.

But, the Trojans still didn’t stop and they tweeted this:

Well, before you tweet something like that, you probably should do your research first.

Meanwhile, Southern Cal’s Beach Volleyball account hasn’t yet followed through on their promise to retweet without the snark. Chalk this one up to #TypicalTrogens.

Congratulations to Lauren for representing Team USA! Bring back the gold!