What a difference a Bruin makes...

Everyone knows how disappointing the Dodgers were last year, when they departed the playoffs early despite having the best 1-2 starting pitchers pair in many years in the major leagues. It was symptomatic of how little manager Don Mattingly was able to get out of his team, due to 1) his sad sack attitude about injuries etc. and 2) his horrible management of the bullpen (not pulling a starter when needed, pulling a starter prematurely, putting in the wrong reliever when a reliever was needed).

On the other hand, the new Dodgers manager, Bruin Dave Roberts, has the team in a close pennant race, and leading the wild card chase, despite 1) no Greinke on the team, 2) Kershaw hurt for several weeks so far, and 3) the most players on the Disabled List of any National League team in 30 years. He doesn't mope, he stays upbeat, he makes new moves in reaction to each new injury, and has done this so we'll that without the best pitcher in baseball he has still managed to win about 2/3 of the games.

Coach would be proud.

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