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Happy Independence Day!

On America's 240th birthday, we should remember the perils faced by those men who signed the Declaration of Independence which created the greatest country on Earth.

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240 years ago today, a brave group of men declared that the original thirteen colonies should be its own independent country. The rest is history.

But, for those individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence doing so came at great peril. These individuals understood that the freedom from the oppression of King George was something worth making sacrifices for.

A total of 56 representatives of the thirteen colonies signed the Declaration. Of those 56 men, seventeen of them lost property due to British raids. Twelve of them fought in the battles of the American Revolution. Five were imprisoned during the course of the war while five more lost their fortunes funding the war.

While none of them could foresee what would happen after they signed the Declaration, they did understand that King George was not going to allow the colonies to leave without a fight.

Of course, the Revolutionary War itself was extremely difficult and the outcome was certainly in doubt at times. Ultimately, though, the American Spirit prevailed.

And, that is something which lives on to this day.

Let freedom ring!

Go Bruins!