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WATCH: UCLA’s TJ Leaf Alley-oop to Lonzo Ball

Check out these great plays from UCLA’s basketball game against the Brisbane Bullets.


So, you didn’t bother staying up late last night to watch the Bruins play in Australia and you want to see the best parts. Well, of course, you can still watch the entire game, but LA fans are notorious for having a short attention span.

So, let’s look at a few highlights.

The first highlight is something all Bruin fans have been waiting to see. We’ve got freshman TJ Leaf tossing the rock to Lonzo Ball on an alley-oop.

UCLA’s defense looked good in the second half and was highlighted by a few blocked shots.

First, there’s Isaac Hamilton blocking a shot on the fast break.

Then, there’s Ike Onigbogu totally rejecting a layup.

Of course, one good turn deserves another. So, after Lonzo Ball took the alley-oop from TJ Leaf earlier, Ball decided to return the favor.

If you want to know more about the entire game, check out our game recap. Of course, you can still watch the entire game.

Go Bruins!!!