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Incoming UCLA Gymnast Madison Kocian Wins Bruins’ First Gold in Rio

Madison put off entering college for a year in order to compete in Rio. That decision paid off today.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Madison Kocian, an incoming UCLA freshman who will join the Bruin Women’s Gymnastics team in the Fall, became the first UCLA student-athlete to win a medal at the Olympics in Rio.

While she graduated from high school in 2015, Madison put off starting college until this Fall, presumably so she could train and compete in Rio.

Today, that decision paid off in a big way as Kocian is a part of the US women’s gymnastics team which captured the gold.

The US Olympic Committee twitter account tweeted their congratulations.

According to a report on, these were the team scores for the three teams which won medals in the competition:

1. United States (Simone Biles; Lauren Hernandez; Alexandra Raisman; Gabrielle Douglas; Madison Kocian), 184.897.

2. Russia (Angelina Melnikova; Maria Paseka; Seda Tutkhalian; Aliya Mustafina; Daria Spiridonova), 176.688.

3. China (Yilin Fan; Chunsong Shang; Yan Wang; Yi Mao; Jiaxin Tan), 176.003.

If you want to watch Madison and her teammates win the gold, NBC will be airing the competition on tape-delay in primetime tonight.

Congratulations, Madison! Way to bring home the gold! And, of course, go Bruins!