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After frantic comeback, UCLA falls in OT, 31-24.

The Bruins scored 15 points in the last 4:19, but could not get it done in OT.

Johs Rosen and the Bruins could not pull out an overtime win against Texas A&M
Johs Rosen and the Bruins could not pull out an overtime win against Texas A&M
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

After trailing at the half, 10-9, UCLA started from their own 25 yard line and drove out to their own 47 yard line. On the next first down play, Rosen underthrew incomplete to a wide open Austin Roberts for a play that would have taken the Bruins into the Aggies’ red zone. UCLA failed to convert third-down, and punted the ball back to TAMU, which took over at their own 15 yard line

On offense, the Aggies drove the ball down for a touchdown. Two big plays, one in the air and one on the ground, took TAMU down to UCLA’s 37 yard line. After two read options led to a third and seven, UCLA was flagged for offside (TAMU’s center got away with a head bob for the second time in the game—SPTRs). On third and two, Texas A&M’s wide receiver, Josh Reynolds, made the obligatory circus catch against UCLA, first and goal Aggies at UCLA’s four yard line.

After two well defended pass plays, UCLA’s Fabian Moreau was called for defensive holding on third down, and QB Trevor Kinght punched it in two plays later. 17-9, Aggies.

UCLA promptly went three and out, with Rosen throwing two incompletions after a Jamabo 6 yard run on 1st down, badly missing Alex Van Dyke on second down and being hurried under pressure on third down.

TAMU took over on their own 27. On the second play of the drive, Knight threw one off his back foot right into the arms of UCLA’s Adarius Pickett, giving UCLA the ball at their own 36. The D did its job. Now the O needed to complete a drive into the end zone.

UCLA, which abandoned the run early in the 3rd quarter, went three and out on three passes, punctuated by a 3rd down sack of Josh Rosen.

It didn’t get any better on defense. Another offside on third down—nothing has changed with respect to UCLA and penalties--gave A&M a fresh set of downs, and Knight capitalized with a 50/50 heave that turned around Marcus Rios, and was hauled in by Reynolds for an easy TD.

Bruins were in big, big trouble. 24-9.

UCLA took over and Josh Rosen was sacked on first down by Myles Garrett. The Bruins were bailed out of the three and out by unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on A&M, but did not manage another first down, with Rosen overthrowing Walker III on second down, and inexplicably throwing a 4 yard slant (dropped) when UCLA needed 11 for first down.

Texas A&M took over before the end of the third quarter and moved the ball to UCLA’s 40 as the quarter ended. TAMU 24, UCLA 9 with 15 to play.

UCLA held on 3rd and 1 (a Mazzone run up the gut for no gain) and AM& punted. UCLA took over in the shadow of their own goal line having to go 97 yards for a touchdown.

The drive should have resulted in a touchdown. But, a drop on a perfect ball from Rosen to Jordan Lasley, who had wide open field in front of him and a ball off the hands of Alex Van Dyke in the red zone, which acted as a "volleyball set" of the ball which fell softly into the hands of a TAMU DB, killed the drive.

And it was at that point out of anger that I stopped charting plays for this article. The writing appeared to be on the wall. A mixture of penalties, dropped balls, poor decisions by Josh Rosen, coaching deficiencies, and generally being outplayed by the Texas A&M Aggies, felt like it had led to UCLA’s downfall.

And then all hell broke loose.

UCLA scored fifteen points in the last 4:19 on a Bolu Olorunfunmi scamper up the middle on a great play to stay on his feet and Walker III caught a Rosen desperation chuck and ran for a touchdown with about 2 minutes left. UCLA converted the 2 point conversion, knotting the game at 24-24. All of this was helped with Mazzone’s questionable calls on TAMU's sole possession between the TDs.

Both teams had an additional shot to win the game in regulation, but after an interception by Rosen and a failed hail mary pass by TAMU, the game went into overtime.

Unfortunately for UCLA, TAMU converted a 4th and goal from the half yard line to get on the board first in OT. Truth be told, Mazzone’s playcalling was pretty good in overtime.

The Bruins got the ball needing a TD to force a second overtime, and after two runs that didn’t do much, Rosen could not connect with passes on 3rd and 4th down.

And with this questionable play calling leading to another UCLA failure inside the red zone, UCLA fell, 31-24 in overtime.

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