Maybe I Was Wrong

This is the lowest point in the season by far. This defensive units inability to stuff the run is laughable. I hope Bradley gets the type of heat that he deserves after this Husky debacle!

The first defensive series was a sign of what kind of day it would be; sloppy! A late hit on Washington’s QB Browning as he was running out of bounds on third down short of a first down gave W a new set of downs and subsequently 3 points.

The points aren’t the issue here, especially in lieu of the final score, rather the undisciplined style of play under Bradley and yes Mora, is the real problem.

The offensive lines inability, no surprise here right, to protect Rosen was consistent with last year and the bulk of this season!

I have been a big Mora supporter disagreeing with Joe P and all the other Mora detractors for some time now but I’m losing my resolve.

Special teams looked horrible today and if you watched the game I won’t force you to relive that ridiculous showing and if you didn’t watch it - Lucky you!

Rosen leaving the game banged up and looking dejected breaks my Bruin Heart. He’s done all he can and I would venture to say he and his family must be thinking they could have put themselves in a better situation looking back.

Maybe now I can come to grips with a coaching change moving forward, just not in the middle of the season or on some airport landing strip in the middle of the night.

Go Bruins......

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