Bye Bye - Bye Week

Glad That's Over! Actually It wasn't a bad spot for a little time off I guess, I just hope coaches and players alike worked out some of their issues.


Maybe the Bruins secondary worked on firming up it's cornerback play. Turning to look for the ball as well as not holding rather running with the receiver during the course of his pattern hopefully were two huge points of conversation during the bye week by coaches as they begin to prepare for Arizona this week.

Pass Rush:

The totality of the defenses problem cannot be hoisted solely on the young and frail shoulders of the DB's.

Lack of pressure on the QB has often extended the coverage time the Bruin secondary has been forced to endure and that's completely on Bradley and his unwavering commitment to the "Bend Don't Break" defensive concept.

It's my understanding that the Bruin defense has not tallied a sack in nine quarters. To barrow the catch phrase from the mattress company Sit N Sleep, with a slight modification, "Your killing me Bradley!"

I know injuries to key defensive players such as Jaelen Phillips has slowed the pass rush but the Bruin DC needs to dig deep and come up with something to get to the QB!

Maybe actually committing to the concept of sacking the QB should be the first step Bradley needs to take! Admitting there is a problem is the first step right? Corner blitz packages would be a welcome change.

Tight End:

Talk of replacing the injured Caleb Wilsons production has been discussed all over Bruin Nation and that's simply not happening. No one behind Wilson can fill his shoes completely but Rosen should have used the bye week practice time to become better acquainted with Austin Roberts and Jordan Wilson.

Both Y/H receivers have had moderate success mostly in goal line or mid red zone situations. Rosen needs to be able to utilize them more in the middle of the field now with the bye week serving as a great time to build their confidence and trust in each other.

Austin Roberts needs to improve on his pass and run blocking stat!

Diversify the Passing Game:

With the loss of Wilson OC Fisch needs to throw to his running backs more. Swing passes, wheel routes, slot action, and oh yea screen passes. By utilizing his backs in the passing game more he can absorb the loss of Wilson to some degree while taking pressure off Rosen.

O Line Health:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water injuries forced a second half shuffle versus the Buffs last week. Lord knows some R and R will go along way with this unit who had been showing small windows of improvement in both the pass and rush efforts.

Hopefully the hogs got to graze a bit during the Bye while healing their behemoth bodies for the second half of the season while simply working on technique drills, walking through assignments, and lots of film.

I guess being able to devote my full attention to the Dodgers last weekend made the bye week slightly more tolerable.

Just slightly.

Go Bruins....

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