Why We Didn’t Get That Win

Why the Bruins lost the game they really should have won!

It’s hard and unfair to say one particular play or series decided or effected the outcome of Saturdays game. But it’s clear that the below ingredients doomed UCLA’s chance to secure a win against the hated ones.

Special Teams:

  • Poor coverage on punt that sC ran back for 6
  • poor kick off coverage allowing sC great field position series after series
  • Short on missed field goal in first half

10 point switch factoring punt return 6 (+ xtra point) and missed FG


  • Calling time out with 2 plus minutes left in the 4th quarter down five after sC ran for eight yards on first down! You only call that time out if you hold that run to 1-5 yards.
  • Sloppy play ie crucial penalties (what’s new)
  • Neglected run game


  • TD called back on phantom clip call that was clearly on the side of the sC players hip not his back.
  • Overturned Darnell fumble call without clear evidence to do so.
  • Overturn good catch call on Pabico catch when he controlled ball with hand underneath.
  • Missed face mask by sC DB on sideline completion to Howard (I believe Howard)

Red Zone Offense/Missed Opportunities:

  • Desperate/overly aggressive play calling
  • Rosen Interception
  • Rosen fumble (blocking break down)
  • Missed FG (short end of first half)
  • Failed two point conversion

Shout out to the offensive and defensive lines - Bravo!!!

If we can play like this next week we will beat Cal and at least make a bowl.

Go Bruins....

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