The Offensive Road Ahead for Chip Kelly

Question: "Will you run the same offense you did at Oregon?"

Chip: "No those guys all graduated."

Laughs proceed to echo through the press conference.

For me this was the biggest ear catching comment made by Kelly during the entire press conference as it relates to Xs and Os.

His position of being so tight lipped at the suggestion of running the same offense was telling in that he didn’t want to paint himself into a corner something Mora did when he declared the Bruins were going to be a power offensive football team two seasons ago.

Kelly could have easily said, "Yes, we will have some of the same offensive approaches." if nothing more than to simply appease our wild imaginations.

Non comital!

Close to the vest!

I like it!

Insightful? Not in the least.

I love it!

If you believe Kelly doesn’t plan on running a "Similar" offense at UCLA to the one he ran at Oregon when the Duck was running amok your sadly mistaken.

If you believe that Kelly will run the same "Exact" offense at UCLA that he ran at Oregon your wrong there as well.

In my estimation the new Bruin offense will be similar but not exact for the following reasons.

First, the Pac 12 and rest of the country for that matter, has become better defensively at defending that offensive approach simply because more and more schools have adopted some form or fashion of the old Duck attack.

Remember when Kelly debuted his fast break offense years ago and defensive coordinators were horribly caught with their pants down?

Not many teams were running that type of controlled offensive chaos back then therefore the defensive trial and error factor was very slow to evolve into something that could slow the Ducks down; forget about stopping them.

Scheming against Oregon during that era in the weeks leading up to playing the Ducks was one thing but said schemes actually being effective in application were another thing all together.

Kelly was driving a Corvette and the rest of the league was behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry, four cylinder back then.

The defensive gap has now closed quite a bit during his time away from the college game and Kelly is well aware of this. Defenses are finally at a point where they have a pretty good idea how to defend the spread - side line to sideline offensive attack Kelly created.

Second, Kelly’s offensive mind has no doubt broadened and evolved (scary) over the recent years. I envision restaurant napkins with plays scribbled on them by Kelly laying all around. Stacks of yellow note pads scattered about his office containing new offensive concepts and approaches geared to make defensive units look bad.

Just imagine all the idle time that beautiful mind has had to hatch his latest and greatest offensive concoction?

How about all the time he has spent watching thousands and thousands of offensive football formations and plays. Can you picture his mind categorizing and cataloging all that information? What worked? What didn’t work? What he would do differently? How could he tweak this or tweak that?

I can only imagine what animal he is prepared to unleash on the Pac 12 and the rest of CFB. Yes, that animal will need to be fed, nurtured, trained, and disciplined but don’t be surprised if the highly effective finished product raises it’s ferocious head sooner than later. Bruin faithful can only hope!

Lastly, Chip’s offensive ego will not allow him to roll out the exact same offense that he ran in Eugene. Absolutely an improbability!

Similar? Yes.

Exact? No way.

You see, the great majority of Offensive Coordinators are like highly paid performers on stage completely aware and accepting that their every choreographed design and

movement falls under the watchful eye of the staunchest of critics and worse, their colleagues of the same trade; the fraternity of Offensive Coordinators.

Kelly attained the offensive "WOW" factor once and he’s no doubt yearning to capture it again.

OC’s are wired similar to great musicians, paranoid-needy actors, or visionary artists all seeking perfection and adoration whether they can admit it or even realize it.

The deep need to have their creations marveled at by the masses ranks second only to their yearning for said creations to be sleek and stylish and shiny with out blemish or hint of falderal.

In most cases the self indulgent urge for perfection and need to please their own creative eye tends to often supersede everything else.

Everything accept winning!

In essence they like to win with a sense of style as well as with substance something SEC Offensive Coordinators, as a general rule, seem to be devoid of.

So what will be the end offensive result?

I’m sure Kelly doesn’t even truly know right now because he needs to observe and evaluate his returning players over the next three to four weeks. That’s why beating Cal and becoming Bowl eligible was so important to the program moving forward as it will allow Chip a great evaluation tool.

He also has hundreds of hours of tape to watch of this and last seasons games as well as practice footage and the upcoming bowl game to assist in his evals.

Also to a degree he will assess recruits and what type of athletic dynamic those individuals bring to the table.

Then and only then he will start to formulate his new play book into a rough draft by pulling from his old playbook and new found ideas and concepts to match all the player pieces and talent that he has at his disposal.

He’ll put that into initial application leading up to and during Spring practices.

After Spring work outs and practices Kelly will finally have all the hard data he needs to be able to structure his offense into a final draft.

That final draft will be what he implements leading up to Fall camp. Aside for a few tweaks here and there the new Bruin offense will be in place.

That’s where the real work begins of fine tuning said offense while getting as close as he can to perfection not only with his players and their execution and timing of the offense but with his own play calling rhythm and feel for the system.

Kelly proved he had great rhythm in his first Pac 12 run I hope he hasn’t lost a step and can once again Tango while the rest of the conference is two stepping.

Go Bruins...

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