Bruin Basketball Collapse

What just happened?

15 point lead on road with the crowd sitting on their hands in the second half only to lose?

Up four with the ball less than 3:00 Holliday over dribble result turn over.

Up two, next possession with the ball Holliday over dribble result turn over.

Seconds later Holliday attempted pass to Welsh at the three point line result turn over.

In bound, up one, poor execution with the ball ending up in GG’s hands not a better free throw shooter result makes only one.

The level of stagnation of the offense the last five minutes of the game was absolutely staggering. One on one individual play with too much over dribbling was disheartening!

More of the same in OT!

Down six in that OT after a UCLA made basket with just under two minutes left to play NO time out was called (had one left) to set up a hard full court press and talk about what high percentage offensive play would be ran when the Bruins got the ball back! Horrible on Alfords part!

There is rarely a good loss but this was absolutely sickening! A game where coaching and offensive execution failed miserably!

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