2017 Football Results

Spring practice is almost a wrap with an actual spring game fast approaching, imagine that?

The memories of a horrific 4-8 season can start to slowly fade from Bruin faithful memory.

Fade but never forgotten!

I have sat down with the upcoming 2017 schedule and have an idea of what this seasons record might look like after 12 games.

Bringing me to the following conclusion are my attendance of several recent practices, factoring player loss as well as returning talent, the influx of the latest version of recruiting, key new offensive staff additions (second in two seasons), coupled with a heavy dose of last year's performance of the O line and a non existent 2016 running game.

I'm assuming/hoping that Rosen will return to Freshman form. I'm also assuming that the offense will be at least marginally better, it can't be worse, than last year's unit.

Can it?


Here we go:

Sun 9/3 (H) Texas A&M L

Should be close with the defensive unit and energy from the first game of the season keeping the Bruins in the game. But the reality is the Bruin offense will more than likely still be trying to figure themselves out and will be far from sharp.

Home loss to start the season! Record 0-1

Sat 9/9 (H) Hawaii W

Would have been nice to have the Rainbow Warriors (or what ever their called now) in game one of the season so the offense could have had a chance to breath a little bit while finding their identity. But not the case as the Bruins do handle Hawaii in week 2.

Anything less than a blow out win here after the A&M loss might have Bruin Nation concerned.
Record 1-1

Sat 9/16 (A) Memphis L

The Bruins are in for a long day on their first road test against the high scoring Memphis offensive attack. Throw in the sweltering heat of mid September and no San Bernardino camp for preparation and the Bruins will just want to get the heck back home to Souther California.

Not the start anyone in Westwood wanted!
Record 1-2

Sat 9/23 (A) Stanford L

Just by the law of averages Mora and his Bruins are due to break out against Stanford right?

Yes, but this isn't the day it happens. Stanford continues it's strangle hold on the boys from Westwood as it probably comes down to the final few possessions, as always, with the Bruins on the short end again.

Season officially unraveling?
Record 1-3

Sat 9/30 (H) Colorado W

Facing a crucial point in the season the Bruins break out at home against the Buffs as Mora rallies the program and the offense starts to come together under its new Offensive Coordinator.

Much much needed win heading into the bye week!
Record 2-3

Sat 10/14 (A) Arizona W

With two weeks to prepare, the Bruins have enough to get past a Wildcat team that will be coming off the road and have only one week to get ready.

With mild October temperatures looming in Tucson weather shouldn't be detriment to the Bruin cause.
Record 3-3

Sat 10/21 (H) Oregon W

The Bruins keep it rolling with a win against the once mighty Ducks. Oregon on its second of back to back road games, the first being at Stanford, will no doubt play with pride but not have enough get the win on the road in Pasadena.

Finally Mora beats the Ducks!
Record 4-3

Sat 10/28 (A) Washington L

This could get ugly for the Bruins. These two teams are simply at two different levels with the Huskies peeking and the Bruins trying to climb out of the bottom of the Pac 12 South. The Huskies handily deal with UCLA.

Washington has a great chance at being undefeated by the end of Pac 12 play and this game is just one of those wins.
Record 4-4

Friday 11/3 (A) Utah W

Always a tough place for them to play and on only 6 days prep time it's a huge challenge but the Bruins get this win. At some point you just get mad as a player, as a defense, as an offense, and as a team and get a win when you probably shouldn't. This is that win.

Back above .500!
Record 5-4

Sat 11/11 (H) Arizona State W

Embolden by the Utah win the Bruins come home and handle the Sun Devils in the old Arroyo Seco.

Bruins become Bowl eligible!
Record 6-4

Sat 11/18 (A) sC L

I wish it wasn't so but Rosen goes 0-2 against the cross town rivals as Brett Hundley 3-0 shakes his head in disgust.

I hope they pull off the win buuuut sC looks to be the cream of the Pac 12 South.
Record 6-5

Sat 11/25 (H) California W

Bruins play hard for a better bowl bid at home against Cal avenging their 36-10 lay down loss from the previous year.

Rosen shines in his last home game as a Bruin having never smelled roses and never raising the program to the lofty expectations placed upon him.
Record 7-5

That's it; 7-5 and that is with a couple of big wins against Utah on the road and pretty darn good Colorado team. Without those wins 5-7 might be the mark!

This will be another tough year I'm afraid, not as bad as last year but tough nonetheless.

If Rosen goes down at some point (knock on wood) 7-5 is out of the question and that 5-7 is more likely than not.

As I finish this post I think to myself that anything is possible!


That the defense will be able to seamlessly replace everyone we lost and find a way to dominate!


That the offense will hit the ground running and actually protect Rosen while being balanced and productive with a solid running game and dynamic passing attack!


That we will once again be great on special teams and have a fantastic + turn over margin and go 10-2!


Then my wife nudges me to stop snoring and I quickly realize those thoughts, although I wish they were possible, are not steeped in reality.

But you never know!


Go Bruins.....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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