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2017 UCLA Football Spring Showcase Preview and Open Thread

UCLA Football holds its annual Spring Showcase this afternoon.

Joe Piechowski

We interrupt our NFL Draft coverage to preview UCLA’s annual Spring Showcase.

As Jim Mora announced last week, today’s Showcase will feature an actual game between the Blue team and the White team.

To make things a little more fun, the head coaches of two UCLA women’s sports teams who have won national championships will serve as the Honorary Head Coaches for today’s game. UCLA Women’s Soccer Coach Amanda Cromwell will be the Blue team honorary head coach while UCLA Gymnastics Coach Valerie Kondos-Field will serve as the honorary head coach of the White team.

Personally, I think this is great. First, it helps breed a championship mentality among the football team as neither of these ladies will be satisfied unless their team wins. Second, it’s a way to increase exposure and support for their programs which have been two of the best UCLA teams in recent years. It’s also a way to incorporate more of a whole campus feel to the Showcase.

The rosters for each team were released on Thursday and the teams seem evenly split. Bruin Report Online posted the rosters to Twitter.

Of course, discerning Bruin fans know that, regardless of the results of today’s Showcase, nothing matters until the team hosts Texas A&M at the Rose Bowl in September, but, at the same time, it’s important to keep an eye out for progress from last season.

Some questions to ask as the game unfolds include:

  • Is the offensive line blocking better?
  • Are the backs running the ball better?
  • How is Josh Rosen throwing the ball?
  • Are the receivers doing a better job catching passes?
  • How do key newcomers like Darnay Holmes and Jaelan Phillips look?

For many Bruin fans, this will be their first and, quite possibly, only look at the team before the season opens in September.

This is your 2017 UCLA Spring Showcase Open Thread.

Go Bruins!