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Bruins in the Twitterverse

Tweets by Bruins and about Bruins.

UCLA v USC Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This week’s installment of Bruins in the Twitterverse starts off on a musical note with a tweet from Ziggy Marley.

Getting back to dad’s roots to accept an award has to be amazing!

UCLA signed two of its newest recruits, Angelo and Alonzo Maus, thanks to @GoTeamIMPACT.

GoTeamIMPACT is dedicated to improving quality of life for kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses.

The Jacksonville Jaguars want to send Maurice Jones-Drew some congratulations:

I’d definitely agree with #relationshipgoals:

ICYMI, here is our article on all the Hall of Fame inductees.

With an homage to his number, Johnathan Franklin responds to a fan:

I always love checking in on Big Joe. Is he making a come back?

His vertical leap about halfway through reminds me of #8 in the endzone.

Datone beat us ALL for the best Mother’s Day gift:

Go Bruins!