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Steve Alford on the Best and Worst of Basketball

Steve Alford discussed LaVar Ball the Parent and Michael Jordan the Player

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice
Steve Alford has reason to smile remembering Lonzo Ball and, at least now, guarding Michael Jordan
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Alford was on the Dan Patrick show and had some interesting comments regarding LaVar and arguably the greatest basketball player not to go to UCLA. First on LaVar.

We do the coaching and you got to put your trust in us that we are going to do what is best for your son. LaVar was great. Never got a phone call...was never at practice. Never a distraction.

This bodes well for next season. If LaVar keeps his ridiculousness on the sidelines (and with the Lakers), it will be much better for UCLA next season. Not sure, if I completely believe it, but this kind of quote gives me some hope.

Further in the hope department is that the players are putting LaVar in the proper perspective, including his son.

Lonzo and others just laughing at [LaVar’s] comments. Then go about doing their jobs.

One wonders if LiAngelo is not playing much, things will still be hunky-dory.

The final thing I want to highlight from the clip is a story on how Lonzo can beat you in a lot of ways. Alford goes on to highlight Lonzo on defense and rebounding. More interestingly he chooses to highlight Lonzo’s game against UC Riverside where Lonzo seemingly wanted NOT to score and get 20 assists. He came close scoring only 5 points while getting the freshman assist record of 13. Alford notes that Lonzo’s shots were “had to” as he was alone on breaks.

Special kid.

Alford also talks about his pro days and his desire not to play defense. Well, not really, he tells a funny story on how he did not want to play defense on Michael Jordan.

In the comments below, feel free to write your favorite Lonzo moment from last season. Mine has to be the 26 foot three pointer he seemed to make right before half time so often. Since I can only pick one time, I will chose the game against Kentucky when he had the famous finger to his mouth afterward to shush the crowd.