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Bruins in the Twitterverse

A graduation edition of tweets from and about our Bruins.


The coming of summer also means the close of another school year, and with it a new class of UCLA Alumni. I think we can all remember our graduation day whether it was high school, college, postgraduate, or heck, even kindergarten, as a very special day that you worked your ass off to get to. Whether you sweltered in the heat, threw tortillas, or bedazzled the heck out of your cap, graduation day was a milestone to be remembered.

In this article, we honor our student athletes who can now hang an extremely prestigious diploma on their wall.

UCLA gymnastics at the UCLA Student-Athlete graduation:

And three very proud basketball players:

UCLA softball is no stranger to achievement:

And our women’s soccer graduates:

Jayon Brown and Coach Jim Mora exchange a special handshake:

A big CONGRATULATIONS from Bruins Nation to all of our UCLA graduates!

Go Bruins!