"USC tries to ease concern over..."

Today's Los Angeles Times has an article titled "USC tries to ease concern over ex-dean." The offender in question is an eye surgeon, fundraiser, drug addict, and consorter with prostitutes. The SC President issued a statement vaguely saying something about they'll figure out how to see if they can prevent these kinds of problems for the future.

What we really need is for the Times to deal with the other problem, "USC tries to ease concern over ex-footballer." Nicias should issue the following statement: "We understand the public concern about the imminent release from prison of the Face of USC, OJ Simpson. As the only college in history to boast a Heisman-winning killer, we look forward to having him again visiting our non-student athletes at their well-compensated practices. We understand the Brown family is beefing up security, but OJ assures us he will be hot on the trail of the killers as soon as he is loose. We understand the Goldman family is still waiting for their money from OJ, but it's only money so the should suck it up and get over things. Of course we will try to produce more Heisman players in the future, high-character guys like OJ, Charles White, and Matt Leinart."

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