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Bryce Alford, NBA Player, is looking likely

OKC sign Bryce to a training camp contract

Bryce proving people wrong
Bryce could be looking up at an NBA scoreboard soon from on the court.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A lot of people went after Dimitri Dorlis when he said:

Bryce Might Make it in the NBA

Wait, hold on, let me rephrase that. Bryce Alford is Good Enough to Become an NBA Player, Sorry Haters.

Today Bryce announced this on his Instagram:

Extremely excited to announce I will be signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder! I feel very honored and blessed to have such an amazing opportunity with a great organization! Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my journey. I'm ready to get to work!

As ESPN explained:

The Thunder currently have 16 guaranteed contracts (15 is the maximum), but Alford will be in camp with the opportunity to potential sign a two-way contract with the team later.

Alford drew interest from a number of teams, but he selected the Thunder based on their positive developmental track record, particularly in using their G League affiliate.

On Oklahoma City blog Thunderous Intentions they wrote:

The Thunder already have 16 contracts going into training camp. Everyone but Semaj Christon is guaranteed.

OKC has yet to give out one of the two designated roster spots for G-League/NBA hybrids. It’s very possible Alford’s contract ends up being one of those.

This is normal procedure for the Thunder. Last year they brought in young prospects to training camp like Chris Wright and Alex Caruso – both ended up playing for the OKC Blue during the season.

Although I am not an NBA expert, as near as I can understand, Bryce has a very slim chance to make an opening day roster for Oklahoma City. Bryce is likely to get a G League Contract tied to the Oklahoma City. Bryce may have an opportunity to take a pass from NBA MVP and fellow Bruin Russell Westbrook to hit a three during an NBA game at some point this next NBA season.

I must admit that I was one of those that thought that Bryce would never play in the NBA. (I am still confident he will not play point as he did his first three years at UCLA.) To be clear, he is not there yet but at a minimum Dimitri was right and Bryce might make it.

Congrats Bryce!