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BOOM! Please Welcome Bruins Nation’s 2017 “Recruiting Class”

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It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest members of the BN team.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, it is my pleasure to announce that Bruins Nation has three new writers on our team.

The Daily Bruin’s loss is our gain as Kyle Cardoza is looking forward to continue writing about Bruin sports after graduating this past Spring. At the Daily Bruin, Kyle covered women’s soccer, baseball and tennis. Justin Russell joins the team from Virginia where he ran a website called 757Dynasty that focused on college athletes from the Tidewater area of the state. Meanwhile, Markybcool bleeds powderkeg blue (and Dodger blue) in Northern California. Look for his first article later today.

Just because I’m announcing these three does not mean we are done adding more members to the team. We’re not. If you are interested in writing for BN, please take a look at this article.

BOOM! Welcome to the BN team, Kyle, Justin, and Markybcool!

Go Bruins!!!