Bagley Miss

Steve Alford missed out on signing Marvin Bagley who is apparently the greatest thing since the peach basket I guess.

Yes he did in fact whiff on the young stud, it is what it is.

I do agree that the story requires coverage and some conversation to a certain extent but not more than that I suggest!

Let us move forward!

Duke has officially won the one year rental rights of Mr Bagley over UCLA......Good for them.

Also losing out on Bagley was a ton of other schools including Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Gonzaga, and Arizona!

That puts Steve in great company I would profess. Sounds like a lot of other great Coaches came up short in the Bagley lottery.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Some folks tend to view the glass as half empty, but I do not!

I say the fine incoming class Coach Alford and his staff has put together should be the greater focus of conversation not so much the miss on Marvin B.

Recruiting is a crap shoot with so many variables and outside influences including high school coaches, AAU coaches, wanna be agents, advisors, parents, cronies, uncles, girlfriends, and even grand mothers which makes Alford's recent successes in the area of recruiting that much more special and rewarding.

Credit where credit is due Bruin faithful. Rejoice in what we have and not in what we have not!

It seems as though when the current staff lands promising top tier recruits that the coverage or story tends to be less important than that of the recruiting misses or other perceived negative issues surrounding the program.

Let's start gearing up for next season even though Football hasn't started it's regular season yet.

The Bagley post mentions that one of Marvin's teammates, Cody Riley, is heading to Westwood insinuating that that alone might have helped close the deal on Bagley signing with Bruins; apparently it did not.

Maybe the two weren't as close as one might expect; not all teammates are.

Riley's commitment, for all we know, could have been one of the factors that led Bagley to choose Duke over UCLA at the end of the day.

Naaaah, probably not but that scenario is just as plausible as the two wanting to play with each other in Westwood which didn't happen in the end.

Who knows why MB chose Duke? Maybe he didn't want the pressure of having to follow in Lanzo Ball's footsteps given how Ball embraced putting the team on his back and accepting the lions share of responsibility in helping transform the Bruins from what they were the lack luster previous year into the dynamic top 10 team that they became this past season.

Simply speculation on my part.

Maybe he didn't think he could fully showcase his skill set in the UCLA up tempo pass happy share the ball style of play and wanted a more traditional low to mid post isolation, half court type scenario to work in?

Who knows!

UCLA can't land every Blue Chip recruit in the land, it's just not going to happen.

Lastly the comment that Bagley would have been the "Biggest recruiting win since he (Alford) became coach at UCLA.", was a stretch given the way Lanzo turned out last season. Even if Bagley had been bagged I believe Ball's impact would be greater in comparison.

Bagley may in fact get to Duke and outshine Lanzo on the whole but that remains to be seen and I personally don't believe that will happen.

One of my favorite coaching perspectives is simply this; You can only coach who's in the room, gym, or on the field. If a player doesn't want to be part of what your offering, simply put, maybe it's a good idea he not be here.

Bagley knew what the Bruin returners, incoming recruiting class, and current team concept had to offer and he chose to pass it up.

Maybe, just maybe it all worked out for the betterment of our team next year!

Time will tell.

Besides it doesn't matter now, Coach will simply have to go to battle with those young men whom decided to come to Westwood and wear those four special letters on the front of their jersey's.

The Bruin glass is half full maybe even three fourths if we give it a chance!

Go Bruins....

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