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The Jim Mora Era Drinking Game

We’re gonna get you through these games, or at least help you forget them.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Bruins Nation know that this season has already been challenging, from exciting comebacks to disappointing no-shows, but we’re always looking for ways to lift your spirits.

More importantly, we’re also looking to increase your hospital bill. Hence: the Jim Mora Era Drinking Game.

The rules of the game are rather simple: whenever an event occurs on screen during a game, follow the prompt. Here we go!

The Jim Mora Section

A penalty occurs - 1 drink

A “dumb” penalty occurs (i.e. taunting, late hit) - 2 drinks

Jim Mora shown writing something down - 3 drinks

Jim Mora shown angry after a targeting call, regardless of team - finish drink

Jim Mora yells at a player - 2 drinks


Dropped pass - 1 drink

Offensive line commits a penalty - 1 drink

Run for 0 or less yards - 2 drinks

Punt while on opponent’s side of the field - 1 shot


Celebration after a tackle 5+ yards downfield - 1 drink

Celebration after committing a penalty - 2 drinks

Missed tackle - 1 drink

Defense allows points - CONSECUTIVE SHOTS (The way this works is you do a shot for however many drives in a row this has happened. We apologize in advance.)

This is just what we came up with. Feel free to throw some more in the comments and they may get added.