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Halftime: Texas A&M Aggies at UCLA Bruins Second Half Thread

UCLA is manhandled during the first half and is going in the locker room down 38-10.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at UCLA
Rosen getting rushed as was the case the whole half.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

TAMU won the toss and deferred to start the game, and that was not the only loss of the half for UCLA. The Bruins were pretty much manhandled the entire first half, and it is clear that our offensive line has a lot of work to do, as does the coaching staff. This first half of UCLA football was unacceptable for everybody associated with UCLA.

1st Half Summary

UCLA received the opening kick, and the offense actually looked pretty good. UCLA had an 11 play 40 yard drive but stalled at the 12 yard line, and we had to settle for a JJ Molson 29 yard field goal.

TAMU responded with an 11 play 79 yard drive capped off with a five yard TD run by Keith Ford.

Then it went pretty much downhill from there. Josh Rosen was hit and fumbled in the next possession and and started their drive UCLA’s 3 yard line. If not for poor play calling, UCLA would seen another TD. But instead settled for a Daniel LaCamera FG.

UCLA received the ball and quickly turned the ball over on a Bolu Olorunfunmi fumble. TAMU quickly turned that into seven as Williams rushed left for a two yard TD.

UCLA then quickly gave the ball back to TAMU after a 3 and out. TAMU returned the favor and punted it back to UCLA.

UCLA did nothing with their 5th possession and ended a 3rd 5 yards to go with a dropped pass. UCLA then punted and got a fabulous bounce with the ball settling on the TAMU 1 yard line. After a couple of plays, Trayveon Williams rushed to the left for 72 yards to the UCLA 9. Keith Ford then rushed to the right for 2 yards for a touchdown. Daniel LaCamera’s extra point was good.

UCLA’s next possession was three plays for a grand total of 8 yards and ended with a punt.

TAMU returned the favor on their next possession with a 3 play 7 yard possession that ended with a punt.

UCLA once again did nothing. 3 plays for 3 yards and punted.

TAMU took the next possession on an 11 play 56 yard drive capped with a Keith Ford rush to the right for a 1 yard touchdown. Daniel LaCamera’s extra point was good.

On the next possession UCLA put up their first TD of 2017, with a Jalen Starks rush to the middle for 2 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. JJ Molson’s extra point was good. With a score of 31-10, was there hope?

No, because Trayveon Williams rushed to the left for 61 yards for a touchdown. Daniel LaCamera’s extra point was good.

This first half of football was probably one of the worst for an opening UCLA game in university’s history. Let’s hope heart comes out for the second half.

UCLA Rushing: 15 carries 37 yards

UCLA Passing: 9/23 114 yards

38 total plays for 151 yards, on 11 drives.

11:39 TOP

Listen to the 2nd Half Here on BN!