Pandemonium In Pasadena

Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson who nicely called Sunday's Bruin Aggie game seemed in awe struck in the post game wrap. Lost for words, still shaking their heads at what they had just witnessed, and this was 25 - 30 minutes after the game had ended.


These two fine commentators see, call, and in Klatt's case played a lot of college football and for that moment to be almost to big for them to wrap their heads around was a testament to just how big that moment actually was.

Do Coach Mora and his staff have tons of work to do? Yes!

But this game and the manner in which the Bruins came back and more importantly never quit will have so many positive collateral effects. They will never believe they are out of a game the rest of the season. Coming back from 17 in a future game after doing so down by 34 seems absolutely attainable.

This win will bond this team in ways other teams will never experience.

So proud of this team!

Below is a loose recap of big plays that occurred during the late third and fourth quarters.

If you didn't see the game, left the Rose Bowl early, or tuned out when the Bruins were down by 34, ENJOY!


15:00 Aggies get the ball to start second half but go 4 and out


12:29 Tight End #88 Austin Roberts beaten horribly by Aggies #21 Charles Oliver on Rosen's right side during pass protection. Rosen sacked and loses ball, Aggies recover

12:09 Aggie running back Ford hobbles off after a #6 Pickett hit at the end of a run to the left side of the Bruins defense

10:30 QB Starkle hobbles off the field after being tackled from behind by Defensive lineman #81 Mariner as he scrambled to his left towards the Aggie sideline


10:02 Aggies kick a 32 yard Field Goal cashing in on the Rosen fumble


8:38 Bruins go 4 and out


6:25 Wade sacks Mond as the 4-3 Bruin defense starts to step up versus the nickel that Coach Bradley deployed for the first part of the game.

5:39 Ford back in, gets 1st down on 20 yard gain on a third and long but pulls himself out a second time. The Bruins were being more physical than A&M at this point

4:13 Aggie QB Mond in-complete on third and 6 Aggie offense starting to lose a bit of its sharpness and swagger

4:12 A&M hits 48 yard fg

44-10 Aggies

4:08 Bruin possession

2:06 After several nice Rosen completions #1 SoSo Jamabo goes untouched for a 5 yard run for TD

44-17 Aggies

:37 Wadood breaks up slant on 3rd and 4 that would have given the Aggies a first down. Bruins moving with purpose on both sides of the ball

:14 Aggies DB Capers-Smith hobbles off

Third period ends with SoSo being stopped behind the line on another failed run

44-17 Aggies


UCLA's 81 Caleb Wilson catches three straight Rosen passes taking UCLA down to the Aggie 26

13:27 # UCLA wide receiver #7 Andrews motions left to right and then catches a hitch from Rosen and easily runs through Aggie corner for score, extra point good

44-24 Aggies

10:28 #15 Jalen Phillips sacks QB Mond outside pocket while he was rolling right

10:04 #4 Wadood cuts down Aggie back Ford during a run and he leaves game again with a bad ankle forcing Aggies to punt on fourth down

9:18 Aggie punter nails the ball pinning the Bruins on their own 5

44-24 Aggies

9:14 Rosen, with his back at the end zone, hits #7 Andrews on a simple in rout from the left side that goes for 33 yards on second and ten from the 5. The Aggie DB checking Andrews stumbled ever so slightly allowing for a little space to run

8:33 #1SoSo takes a read option hand off from Rosen for 17 yards and a first down to the Aggie 42

8:21 Rosen under throws #7 Andrews on a deep post route who somehow catches the ball as it goes through Aggie DB Capers- Smiths hands for 43 yard TD. XP good!

44-31 Aggies

8:06 UCLA's #6 Pickett gets 15 yard taunting penalty

6:44 Aggie QB Mond gets 1st down on run and barely steps out of bounds otherwise he scores a TD down the sideline ending the Bruin comeback

5:35 Aggie second and three, no gain on run

4:51 UCLA #11 DE Lucier-South sacks Mond at 25 yard line pushing A&M a little further back for their FG attempt making it a 42 yarder versus a 31

4:44 Bruins #6 Picket slides in from the A&M left side and blocks the Aggie field goal attempt

44-31 Aggies

4:21 UCLA third and three, Rosen throws incomplete to open space, Theo Howard is the closest receiver 6-8 yards away

4:17 fourth and three Rosen hits #81 Tight End Wilson again this time on a cross left to right for a 27 yard gain and first down. At the end of the play #11 Aggie DB Pryor hits Wilson out of bounds late moving the ball to the Aggie 26 after the penalty was assessed

3:42 Rosen hits #7 Andrews on a post for a first down to the Aggie 11

3:13 Rosen flushed to his left try's to throw the ball out of the back of the end zone but his arm is hit or the ball is deflected and the ball barely gets across the goal line but wide receiver #14 Theo Howard fields the dying Duck for a touchdown. XP good

44-38 Aggies

2:49 on third and 8 Bruin D lineman #81 Mariner sacks Aggie QB forcing an A&M punt to Bruin 34

2:33 11 yard reception to #7 Andrews on a shallow cross for a first down. Aggie defense looks absolutely gassed

2:10 Rosen to Andrews for 9 on Another in route.

1:55 Rosen, after fielding a skidding shotgun snap, hits Wilson again for first down to the Aggie 39. Rosen to Wilson is shades of Hundley to Faurier

1:43 Rosen hits Wilson yet again on a post route for a stretched out catch and gain of 16 in between two Aggie secondary defenders

1:20 Rosen hits Andrews again on a deep sit route at the 13 but Andrews trying to make something happen runs backwards and is tackled at the 15 losing the first down.

1:07 third and one, Rosen called for penalty as the ball was snapped without everybody being set. Ball moved to 20 as the Bruins have no time outs

:56 #2 Jordan Lasly drops a sure first down ball from Rosen on a 10 yard hook. Air in the stadium gets momentarily sucked out into the dark Pasadena night

:54 Fourth and 6 at Aggie 20 Rosen hits Running back SoSo on a swing route to the left out of the backfield, as the Aggie corner blitzed, for a first down as he was tackled at the 10 yard line

:48 Rosen signals teammates for a spike of the ball after the first down. After taking the snap he actually fakes the spike and throws a perfect ball to WR #2 Lasly on the left side of the end zone as a stunned Aggie defense looks on. #10 Aggie corner does well to scramble back to a defensive position but the fake spike gave Rosen and Lasly just the room they needed

Lasly is forced to pivot 360 degrees to secure the ball which he did. He gets his right foot down in the powder blue end zone as his right comes down on the white sidlline chalk. He stumbles out of said end zone only to collapse near the stadium padding.

The camera finds Coach Mora who's expression wasn't any different than than it had been in the first half when the Bruins were down by 24, great poise

:43 # 17 Molson hits the extra point to give the Bruins the lead. Yes the lead

45-44 Bruins

:27 Aggies facing fourth and 10 from their own 25 Mond was tackled short of the 35 yard line causing the Aggies to turn the ball over on downs

45-44 Bruins

:20 Bruins form the Victory formation, snap the ball, and Rosen takes a delayed knee

:00 Game ends, Bruin players rush the field, pandemonium in the Rose Bowl. Rosen jumps into numerous teammates arms smiling ear to ear. Aggie players walk off the field in shock as the A&M supporters who made the trip simply stand or sit or watch the Bruin celebration seemingly unable to move. Faces of Aggie supporters that had huge grins earlier in the game were now catatonic in shocking disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

The second biggest come back in NCAA history is what they had just been a part of. What a long head shaking trip back to Texas lay ahead for them.

Go Bruins....

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