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College Football Friday: #Pac12AfterDark Features Arizona at Utah

We’ll also see if South Florida can remain on the list of unbeaten teams.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Beginning at 4:00 pm PT, we have #23 South Florida visiting Tulsa, and we could very well see another record setting night from USF running back Jordan Cronkrite. He put up 302 yards last week against Massachusetts, and managed to set a single-game rushing record for both his school and the American Athletic Conference, earning him AAC Player of the Week honors. Cronkrite has exploded this year, more than quadrupling his numbers from his freshman and sophomore seasons (where he totaled less than 200 yards per season). He is averaging 13.1 yards per carry, so Tulsa will probably see their 67th ranked defense drop a bit after tonight’s game. USF is still one of the eleven remaining undefeated teams in the country.

The third slot of the evening features the #Pac12AfterDark game with Arizona visiting Utah. This game could get really interesting for several reasons. First, Khalil Tate was a preseason Heisman candidate (I believe Vegas had him in the fifth or sixth slot), but his team’s performance so far hasn’t done much to help his campaign. Tate has also been playing with an injured ankle, so there’s a chance we could see back up freshman quarterback Jamarye Joiner come in to relieve Tate if he’s looking unhealthy. On top of that, the Utes are the best team in the Pac 12 and the 10th ranked team in the country in total defense, so while the Wildcats are currently at .500 right now and second in the Pac 12 South, we could see that change after tonight.

Here is tonight’s complete lineup:

College Football Friday, October 12

Matchup Time (PT) TV Streaming
Matchup Time (PT) TV Streaming
#23 South Florida at Tulsa 4:00 PM ESPN
Air Force at San Diego State 6:00 PM CBSSN
Arizona at Utah 7:00 PM ESPN

This is your college football Friday night open thread.

Go Bruins!