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Unfortunately, the only thing Chip Kelly has gotten right thus far this season was naming DTR the starting QB on the Sunday night heading into "Game Week" against Cincinnati. This allowed the true Freshman the opportunity to properly prepare for game one and begin to grow as a Division 1 QB.

Oh wait, he actually named retread Wilton Speight as the starter on the Thursday afternoon (less than 48 hours before kick off) leading up to game one against the Bear Cats didn’t he?

Sorry, allow me to amend that last statement; nothing's gone right to this point!

It is apparent to me that Chip Kelly, for some crazy reason, has clearly departed from the Offensive mindset and cutting-edge innovation that he once employed at Oregon.

most supporters don’t want to hear that Chip doesn’t have the same talent in Westwood that he had in Eugene. He really doesn’t - not yet and maybe he never will, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for him to run the current watered down offense that lacks any guts, rhythm, or imagination. He also seems to be failing to utilize some of the key returning talent inherited from the previous regime!

Despite the team being less talented, to what degree that it is debatable, he should be running at least some semblance of the Oregon offense allowing his young players to gain important experience and reps in the read option. If the Bruins are going to crash and burn let them crash and burn striving to be who they are striving to be.

I guess that idea is too far-fetched for Mr. Kelly.

Another very valid concern to consider is all the prospective recruits that were once looking at UCLA as a possible destination in order to play in the vaunted Chip Kelly run and gun offense but have been scared off by the first four games of the season. How many recruits have turned their backs on the program because of its recent "Confused Offensive State" for a lack of better description?

Kelly was brought here in many people’s minds to replicate that Oregon offense that was deemed almost unstoppable back in the day. But he has failed to make any discernible strides at this early stage of his tenure. It appears, and I hope not, that UCLA may have bought a lemon or damaged goods if you will.

So why hasn’t he committed too and implemented his dynamic offense that is true and tested?

I have a theory - more on that in a minute.

Kelly’s departure from that Duck Offense has been made even more painfully obvious by his initial end of Fall camp choice of starting QB, the aforementioned Mr. Speight.

Choosing Wilton was a clear gesture that he was leaning towards a more traditional pocket type offense versus his wide open "Read Option" fast break up tempo type Offense; otherwise, why name Speight as the starter with his limited mobility and lack of athleticism? Why would he name a QB who was totally incapable of running the spread offense as his starter?

The answer to that question is simple; he did not plan on running that read option offense and continues not to deploy said read-option offense to any great degree. Simply put DTR does not or is not allowed to run the ball enough.

With Kelly to this point, It’s like having purchased something online and being really excited for its arrival and when you pull it out of the box and assess its quality and functionality you simply feel taken.

The current play calling further supports Kelly’s obvious decision, at least to this point in the season, to willfully move on from his old Oregon Offense. The current offense is hard to watch (insert Michael Scott - Regional manager Dunder Mifflin catchphrase) and it gives no hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel or that this QVC bought Offense is going to make anyone happy anytime soon.

Let’s not be fooled by the small segments of offensive success against Oklahoma who had the game in hand and wasn’t doing anything overly exotic on the defensive side of the ball in the second half. A bit of false hope there I believe could be derived.

Does Kelly lack trust in his players? Has he lost his edge or guts? Is he simply rusty? Did his ego get the best of him? Wait, I think I’m onto something with the ego thing. Yes, that has to be it.

There is no doubt that Kelly showed courage and sheer genius in changing the landscape of college football while at Eugene. Through the years leading up to being named Head Coach of the Oregon Ducks, he compiled a matrix of cutting-edge offensive football ideas and approaches that no doubt were imagined, borrowed, stolen, and pieced together within his own amazing football imagination.

He was fortunate to have had a venue to showcase his fast-break football concepts at Oregon. Preparation meets opportunity equals success was never more apparent than for Chip Kelly at that time. The phrase, "The right place at the right time" comes to mind during that Duck era but one can’t help but question if, after his failed NFL stint, this is not proving to be the right place and time this time around?

Which brings me to why I think he has veered away to a large degree from his previously successful offensive approach.

I feel he may be trying to prove, to himself as well as all those who paid attention to his NFL shortcomings, that he can actually win with those same failed NFL offensive approaches. A sort of, "I’ll show you" opportunity.

Offensive coordinators can be very headstrong about believing their playbook will work. In a previous pre Spring practice post when pontificating on what Kelly’s offense might entail I suggested that we might see some degree of those very NFL approaches that didn’t pan out in his time with the 49ers and the Eagles. Could this be his perceived second chance to prove his creations could translate into success? Although not always the case I believe that I was right.

I truly believe Kelly came to UCLA with the aforementioned, "I’ll show you" mindset to a degree.

Will he be able to regroup and make adjustments to the current system? Will he be able to set ego aside and have the vision to get back to something more similar to the Duck offense we all hoped for and anticipated when he was named the head coach of our beloved football program?

I hope so!

As for the calling for the benching of DTR, I agree his play and accuracy, to be specific, has been spotty at best, but, until we have a better option at QB, everyone needs to show some poise and let this young man figure it out. The season is going to be a disappointment from a win-loss perspective, that is evident. But gains can be made moving forward. DTR can get better, the play calling can improve, the offense can be more dynamic, the wins could start to come, and hope could begin to blossom. This is all in the hands of Chip Kelly. I hope he figures it out before the cupboard is bare and the hole is too deep!

Go Bruins...

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