Alford Simply Not Getting It Done

If we’re being honest here this UCLA Basketball team is simply BAD!

It’s utterly frustrating watching their games and I’m not just talking about the unfavorable outcomes because most of their wins have left a bad taste in my mouth as well!

What the heck is Alford and staff doing. The kids look like a bad D2 program playing at the D1 level most of the time. For full disclosure I have never coached at the College level but the lack of fundamentals would no doubt have my old high -school and AAU players laughing during film review especially last night against the Bearcats!

Here are several descriptions that come to my mind when I think of this team....this team that wears the most iconic and revered uniform in the history of college basketball.

Poor body language


Lacking any on court leadership

Lack of poise

Lack of heart

Lack of fight

Lack of trust

Lack of toughness

Lack of confidence

Lost on Zone defensive rotations.

Soft at man defense

Horrible offensive and defensive spacing

Poor passing

I could go on but why increase my blood pressure more than it is already?

Bottom line Steve Alford has under coached this overrated bunch of soft kids who always look to blame a teammate when something goes wrong versus owning up to their own shortcomings. Never have I seen a member of this team tap his chest and say, "My bad."

I foresee a middle of the pack finish in league play and maybe a NIT invite! Maybe it’s time to tear it down and start over with a new staff!

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