The Worst Season since Lavin's Swan Song

UCLA Men's Basketball is now 19-10 overall, 10-7 in conference. Their only chance to make the NCAA Tournament (in other words, being included as one of the 68 best teams in the country) is to win the Pac-12 Tournament, which might not be impossible if cheater Arizona and frequent cheater USC do the decent thing (yeah, right) and hold their tainted star players out of the matches.

But the win-loss record isn't why this season is the worst since Lavin was here. Nor is missing the NCAA Tournament -- we've done that before.

It's because of HOW we've performed, on and off the court.

1. Off the court

A. 3 players shoplift in China, creating (for the first time in Bruin history) an international incident.

B. It takes many weeks for Guerrero and Alford to finally decide to suspend them for the season -- the same penalty John Wooden immediately dished out to Mike Lynn for theft. (And Lynn was a starter on an NCAA championship team.)

C. It takes minutes for LaVar Ball (whose son would still be in prison overseas but for the U.S. President intervening) to whine about how cruel and unusual the punishment was.

D. We're still waiting for Guerrero and Alford to call out LaVar for this.

2. On the court

A. Bruins manage to lose at Stanford in double overtime by missing multiple game-winning free throw attempts.

B. Bruins manage to lose at ranked Michigan in overtime.

C. Bruins get whipped at Pauley by Cincinnati. (But do win the next home game by edging mighty South Dakota.)

D. Bruins ring up a 3-game losing streak (at home to mediocre Colorado and a "Lost Weekend" in the state of Oregon).

E. Knowing their NCAA Tournament berth was on the line, Bruins lose both games at non-tourney teams Utah and Colorado.

So the best way to turn things around are: 1) fire Guerrero, 2) hire a real Athletic Director. 3) fire Alford, 4) hire a real basketball coach.

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