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I’m not a big horn blower or "I told you so guy", but on 2/3/18 I posted (Roun Table Chime In) that the Bruins would finish their last eight games 5-3, finish 20-10, and be either a 10 or 11 seed! Although the selection committee hasn’t had their final or official say - bracket guru Joe Lunardi has UCLA a #10 seed playing #7 Seton Hall in the South Region after, wait for it, the Bruins went 5-3 in their last eight games.

Oh by the way Joe had the Bruins NOT making the tournament heading into the afor mentioned final eight games of the regular season. Joe schmo, what does he know? I’m joking of course.

If the bracket ends up the way Lunardi’s morning projection stand now I will call the following:

UCLA beats Seaton Hall in the new second round, old first round!

UCLA pulls off the upset of #2 seed Cincinnati and faces Miami or Tennessee in the Sweet 16

Go Bruins....

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