USC Prez "Resigns"

USC's Chief of Scandals is on his way out. See details above.

The announcement includes, "There is nothing more sacred to this board than the wellbeing of our students." They forgot to add the essential qualifier, "except for football."

Southern Cal will now search for a new president who will continue Nikias' legacy of raising loads of money, remaining "University of Second Choice" in Los Angeles, and covering up the incessant scandals that Troy is most noted for.

He will no doubt leave with an exorbitant severance package.

It should be noted that UCLA basketball players got (correctly) punished for shoplifting, a previous basketball player got punished for using an unauthorized credit card, and a previous basketball coach who had won a NCAA title got fired for a minor recruiting violation -- whereas McKay, Carroll, and Garrett were not punished, but lionized. Reggie Bush was punished, but not by SC of course, but by the NCAA.

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