"Next Season Should Be Steve Alfords Last Chance"....Blah Blah Blah

I couldn’t help chuckle at the the following section of Scott Schonts eye opening post, "The UCLA fans who have been used to the rich tradition of winning galore and national titles from John Wooden and others were really discontent with the first losing season under Alford....." Blah Blah!

First of all what winning tradition are we talking about here? Wait, allow me to amend that question for all of us who continue to ride the great John Wooden’s success of over 42 years ago. What "RECENT" winning tradition are we talking about here?

I also can’t help wonder who Scott refers to when he says, "Others"? I guess he’s speaking of Jimmy H.

But I digress.

As Bruin supporters we need strive for a new identity and winning tradition separate from the amazing accomplishments of the late great John Wooden. That suggestion is not meant to demean or in any way suggest that we should forget his greatness. On the contrary it should be revered till the end of time. What I imply is that there has been no real "Recent Winning Tradition" or Championships to boast of and yes that does need to change; understatement of the century for wanting Bruin supporters!

There are many who believe that Steve Alford isn’t the Coach to bring the program back to greatness or even back to where Ben Howland had his teams; at least competing in final fours. But in the end that really wasn’t what Bruin supporters could be completely satisfied with as Howland fell short of the grand prize.

Is this a make or break year for Alford?

Yes but isn’t every year in Westwood a make or break year for that matter?

One of the responses to Scott’s post suggested it didn’t matter how the upcoming season unfolded and that Alford needed to go no matter what!

Really? If he makes the final 4 or wins the Championship he still needs to be run? I think not.

Let’s see how the basketball season goes but for right now let’s worry about the task of building a winning tradition in football since it’s only July!

Chip Kelly, your on the clock!

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