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The Weekly Open: Grab Bag

Join us and hang out with your fellow Bruins.

Cactus Bowl - Kansas State v UCLA Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Welcome to the Weekly Open, a new weekly thread we’re trying here during these long summer months.

The goal of the Weekly Open is to provide you, the savvy reader/commenter/smart person who came to this website a place to just hang out. Most of our comment sections are directly related to the article in question, and usually stay as on-topic as possible, so we wanted to create a space where you can just hang out for the week, talk about whatever you want to talk about, regardless if it involves UCLA or not.

Remember, as always, adherence to both the Bruins Nation Community Guidelines and the larger SBNation Community Guidelines will still be required.


Look, I’ll be honest, I have nothing this week.

I don’t really want to talk about soccer again, even though the quarterfinal matches this past week were really good, and we should actually get two great semifinal matches this week before the World Cup Final (PS football is coming home).

I blew my Lakers/LeBron James/Lonzo Ball stuff last week, and there hasn’t really been much on that front going forward, though I will take a quick moment to throw in some thoughts and prayers for Tyler Honeycutt.

We could talk about how the Deep Cut for Fresno State from a few weeks ago led to Fresno State fans actually looking up the Twitter account that I don’t use just to get into my mentions and tell me how inaccurate the article was. Turns out, Fresno State fans are a bit insane, which makes sense because you’d have to lose touch with your sanity to live in Fresno on purpose.

Maybe another round of mascot rankings? Let’s try one out real quick.

Purdue Pete (Purdue Boilermakers mascot)


Purdue v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images



ok, we’re done with that for now.

The only other real noteworthy thing was the Angels winning the first series against the Dodgers 2-1, but that was to be expected because the Angels are a good team that play in a good division while the Dodgers are a bad team propped up by an awful division. There’s no analysis that could even happen.

Anyway, this is the Weekly Open. Go nuts and have fun.

Go Bruins!