Here Comes The Collateral Damage

While this mid season Head Coach blow out tastes really good to all those staunch Alford detractors who have been calling for Alford's head even before he arrived on campus there will no doubt be some collateral damage. Careful what you wish for or maybe I should say careful in the timing of what you wish for. The question of will this firing affect recruiting is an obvious huge YES; cost of business with any coaching change but even more detrimental when said firing is of the mid season variety. Not only will recruiting be effected but there is the player transfer issue as well as the early declaration for the NBA draft by some on the current roster. In the words of the Captain of the media correspondence unit -Stars and Stripes in the motion picture "Full Metal Jacket" when responding to Joker played by Mathew Modine, "This is a giant s--t sandwich and were all going have to take a bite."

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