The Difference A Day Makes

Who was that team last night?

They defended in the 3-2 zone like a team that really wanted to play defense. They shared the ball like an unselfish group (for the most part). They relentlessly attacked the rim with aggression and seemed to be more attentive and focused at the free throw line. They were accepting responsibility with each other when poor rotations, mental mistakes, and bad passes occurred. The ball actually went into the post to Moses Brown who seemed to really prosper with the amount of touches he was magically given posting a double double. The 3/4 court press was disruptive and paid huge dividends. Prince Ali looked like a force of nature at times. Hands played free with a balanced all round game. The underclassmen played with confidence and didn't seem to be looking towards the bench anticipating being pulled out when they made a questionable decision. Their energy and excitement was off the charts almost like teenagers who's parents are out of town for the weekend and they have the house to themselves. Everyone seemed to respond to Bartow's menacing growls and encouragement.

Yes it's only one game but guess what, you have to start somewhere and that somewhere was last night inside Pauley Pavilion.

Go Bruins...

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