BB Coach Names: No and No and No

One report says Wasserman and other boosters want Rick Pitino. NO! He has a record of basketball scandals, not as bad as Calipari or Tarkanian, but bad. He has never accepted any personal responsibility for sanctions at Hawaii and Louisville. We -- correctly -- fired Jim Harrick for far less. (Pitino's also an adulterer, for those keeping score.) His ego ranks with Cheat Pete Carroll's.

Multiple reports say Bill Walton wants Barack Obama. NO! The only experience he has with coaching college BB is that his brother-in-law failed at Oregon State and got fired.

Reports say Lonzo Ball wants Earl Watson. NO! He was a flop as an NBA coach. The only UCLA player who went on to coach us well was Gary Cunningham; Larry Farmer and Walt Hazard did poorly.

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