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UC Berkeley Golden Bears at UCLA Bruins Game Thread

The Golden Bears are “turible,” which should make today a lot of fun for the Bruins.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, as I was leaving the gymnastics meet against Nebraska, I ran into a few older folks who were happy about the way the gymnastics team had started the season. If I had to guess, I’d say these Bruin fans were, at least, in the late 70s, but I really think they were probably in their 80s.

I think I made a comment about how it was so much better than last Saturday’s game against Liberty. One of the women mentioned how she had brought some friends to the Liberty game and she was embarrassed by the result. But they also seemed to be happy with the results of Thursday night’s game against Stanford as I mentioned that it looked like the team had been having fun against the Cardinal.

They were also optimistic and even energized about today’s game against UC Berkeley. I think I was probably a little surprised at how knowledgeable they seemed despite their advanced age. They certainly seemed happy about the coaching change and the end of the Steve Alford era.

I mention this because, to me, they wouldn’t constitute what anyone would consider UCLA’s “irrational fan base,” but they were glad that the athletic department has taken the action that was needed to improve the team in the future.

Of course, the future is now as the Bruins will play UC Berkeley this afternoon. Today’s game shouldn’t be very difficult as the Golden Bears are, as Charles Barkley would say, “turible.” Hopefully, Coach Bartow is able to find a way to motivate the team and keep them from playing down to the Bears’ level. If he is able to, this afternoon’s game can become one giant highlight reel.

Listen to the Game Here on BN!

This season, we are proud to, again, have today’s audio feed for everyone who opts to use the TuneIn player embedded below. For optimum results, start the audio feed then pause your DVR and sync them up together. Today’s game is on Pac-12 Networks with JB Long and Don MacLean. That’s good because I have to admit that, while I wanted to hear what Bill Walton had to say on Thursday night and I especially enjoyed his conversation with the statue of Coach Wooden, he was a bit much the other night with his thoughts on some potential replacements

As usual, if you’d rather listen to Josh Lewin and Tracy Murray call today’s game, you can do that right here.

Join your fellow fans discussing today’s game below.

This is your UC Berkeley Golden Bears at UCLA Bruins game thread.

Go Bruins!!!