Cheat On

USC just announced the hiring of its new President, Carol Folt.

She is a perfect fit for her new school. Not because she was forced to resign as provost at U. of North Carolina for mishandling a Confederate statute controversy, but because she had stayed on there for helping cover up an athletic scandal.

The NCAA is still investigating the "class with zero attendance required" that provided good grades to the athletes who took it. Ms. Folt defended the athletes, not by saying the class didn't actually exist, but by saying that since the class was open to EVERYONE at the university, there was no improper benefit for athletes. (Though it remains to be seen if anyone other than athletes and their girlfriends ever knew about the class.)

So Ms. Folt -- so far -- has preserved multiple NCAA basketball championships for UNC.

Thus she demonstrates everything USC was looking for:

1. Athletics trumps academics.

2. Able to lie with a straight face.

3. Transparency NO, cover ups YES

4. Outstanding creativity in excuse-making

Cheat On!

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