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What’s Bruin, 10/25: Colson Yankoff changes position

Yankoff was UCLA’s most experience backup QB, but has changed positions ahead of 2020

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 06 Washington at UCLA Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The UCLA Bruins are less than two weeks away from their 2020 season opening game against Colorado and still, we’re getting wind of position changes and roster finalizations with just 12 days until the first game.

That’s what preseasons are for, I guess, right?

Former Washington quarterback, and by all accounts, the most experienced backup quarterback option Colson Yankoff has changed positions to wide receiver, and will vie for time with a talented, skilled bunch.

According to a full report from the Los Angeles Times, Chip Kelly noted the selfless nature of Yankoff’s position switch.

“He wants to play and he wants to contribute,” Bruins coach Chip Kelly said Friday during a conference call with reporters. “He’s totally selfless; he wants to know how he can contribute and help this football team, and obviously I think he sees how No. 1 plays and with a limited amount of time to prepare it would probably be tough to unseat Dorian.”

Yankoff heads to the receiver group with a ton of experienced, skilled players including Kyle Phillips, Jaylen Erwin, Chase Cota as well as potential stars in the making, Ethan Fernea, Michael Ezeike, Delon Hurt and Logan Loya.

When asked about the depth at the position, Kelly told the LA Times that that is no issue.

“Let me tell you something: There’s never too much depth,” Kelly said. “When you have somebody that has athletic ability and can contribute, then they’re going to play.”

The full story on Yankoff’s position switch is below, in our daily links breakdown of all things UCLA.

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