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LISTEN: UCLA Seasons featuring Troy Aikman

Josh Lewin’s latest episode of UCLA Seasons has the great Troy Aikman featured

USC Trojans v UCLA Bruins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

During the football offseason, we documented that the UCLA Bruins athletics department was continuing with their exclusive content of some of the most popular shows and podcasts.

One of those was UCLA Seasons with host Josh Lewin.

The latest episode of UCLA Seasons is a memorable one and features the great Troy Aikman as the featured guest. James Washington is also a guest as well.

The promo is simple because let’s face it, who needs much more than Troy Aikman in a UCLA uniform to get you riled up and to want to listen.

“Join the Voice of the Bruins Josh Lewin in recalling the exciting 1987 UCLA Football season. Bruins legends James Washington and Troy Aikman share their personal memories.”

You can follow along with the link above to listen or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

UCLA Seasons