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Friday’s Week 2 vs Utah Open Thread

Tracking all the latest bits of news as they come in regarding the Utah vs UCLA game

UCLA v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

We’re here to discuss the Week 2 game between the UCLA Bruins and Utah Utes, if of course, it can happen. We’ve known all week that the Utes are going to struggle to make the 53-man roster limit set in place by the Pac-12 protocols for the coronavirus and we’re tracking all the bits and pieces of news that we can get our hands on.

The first bit of news came from starting offensive lineman, Nick Ford, for Utah, who announced via Twitter that he won’t be able to play.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation but rumors we’re hearing are that Ford won’t be the only starting to be missing for Utah.

We’re now without an opponent as Utah has had to cancel their trip south.

More on the Utah vs UCLA cancellation here

May we discuss this, and everything else surrounding tomorrow’s matchup.