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Happy Holidays from Bruins Nation!

Here’s to all the best in 2021

Stanford Cardinal defeated the UCLA Bruins 48-47 in overtime during a NCAA Football game at the Rose Bow. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

The 2020 calendar year is coming to an end.

We saw some highs.
We saw some lows.

We tried to watch the UCLA Bruins on the football field with an eye towards future growth but some of the same three-year problems popped up.

We had hope for a renewed basketball season with Mick Cronin at head coach for the second year after a terrific end to the previous season was marred by the beginning of a pandemic. But even they disappointed twice before the penning of this story.

There were moments in time during the infamous year 2020 that made us pause. Moments in time that made us question just about everything.

One thing that is constant, however, is your readership here. I know there were a lot of changes put on the table earlier this year, and I know we’ve all had to adapt how we do things on this website, as insignificant as that even seemed in the long run during 2020. The fact of the matter is: Bruins Nation served as a needed outlet during the coronavirus pandemic, and I for one, thank you for stopping by.

I am just one man at the current time, running multiple pages for SB Nation. It may not be what you were used to, but let’s face it, nothing from 2020 was as we were used to it.

I sure hope you had fun on here. I hope you found the words here insightful or at least interesting. We’ll try to push the envelope and set the bar higher in 2021 as just about everything should get a bit better next year. For us all.

And so as the holidays approach, I wanted to take the time to wish everyone here a happy holiday season, whatever, whenever, wherever, however you celebrate. Enjoy the time by yourself, with your friends, among family, virtually, socially-distanced, however you may want to spend the season. Enjoy it all. We all deserve it.

We’ll be back with some more content before the year’s out, but I for one, wanted to personally say thanks to you all for coming by. Now. Then. Later. Before. Forever.

Thank you Bruins Nation! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!