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Josh Lewin gives us the ‘what we need most’ moment of the week

Give us more, Josh, give us more!

Arizona v UCLA Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

In a time in which we needed it the most, but may not have known how much we needed it, play-by-play announcer Josh Lewin handed us a teaser of a post on Twitter that sends all the nostalgia feels down your spine.

I could write more of an intro but why? I’ll give it to Josh and his taquito-cooking performance.

From what starts with a countdown reminiscent of a basketball shot clock — :24 seconds on the clock — Josh demonstrates with anxiety in his voice over whether or not his Maytag microwave will be able to complete it’s ultimate mission.

Five seconds in, we know so much. The taquito is from Old El Paso. And it’s almost ready.

A giddy sense of anticipation starts to build. Not only in Josh’s kitchen but from viewers alike.
Will the taquito cook perfectly?
Will there be a cold center?
Are the contents of the taquito going to be so white hot that they burn his tongue, rendering him tasteless for the next half-hour?
It won’t splatter and make a mess will it?

So many questions conjure up in such a little time.

The clock ticks on.

The countdown continues. Josh’s wife and dog eagerly anticipate whether or not the 180 calories of taquito will cook perfectly or not.

They’re not alone.

:07 seconds remain. It’s now or never. Lewin’s voice increases with anxiety. There’s no way it’s done already!

:05 seconds left — Josh hits the nail on the head: There’s delirium in Solana Beach! There’s delirium for anyone watching!

Yes, Josh, we believe in afternoon snacking. Yes, we do.

The buzzer rings. The door opens. I don’t know what’s better, the small tortilla wrapped tightly with what is certain to contain deliciousness or Lewin’s pronunciation of the word Ta-QUI-to.

Either way — I know one thing — I miss sports.

Oh, and I’ll watch anything Lewin narrates in his play-by-play voice. Anything.

Thank you, Josh. Keep ‘em coming!