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What’s your favorite Rivalry Game moment

The Victory Bell, 2006 was remembered by ESPN — but what’s your favorite moment?

USC Trojans v UCLA Bruins Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I’m deep in the heart of a NCAA Football ‘10 dynasty. I’m running multiple teams (back when you could do that). I’m winning as many Rivalry Game trophies as possible.

I wanted those trophies.

I needed those trophies.

The Victory Bell was always one of the most sought after trophies for me to collect during those years and also one of the most anticipated real-life games to watch during all of my years of watching college football.

Recently, ESPN ranked their favorite moments from the past 20 years worth of Rivalry Games in college football.

You guessed it, the Victory Bell, 2006 cracked their list of top memories, and for good reason.

In December 2006, USC went to the Rose Bowl for the first time since losing that epic BCS Championship Game to Texas 11 months earlier. USC remained a prohibitive favorite to beat UCLA. The No. 2 Trojans were 10-1, the Bruins 6-5, not to mention that USC had beaten UCLA 66-19 a year earlier. Yet UCLA led 13-9 when Bruins backup linebacker Eric McNeal, who just may have been out of position, tipped a John David Booty pass near the line of scrimmage, then caught it as he fell at the UCLA 20 with 1:10 to play. There went USC’s chance to play for the national championship for the fourth consecutive year. From 1999 through 2011, McNeal’s pick is the only play that sealed a Bruins’ victory over the Trojans.

This was one of just 10 ‘favorite memories’ remembered by the staff at ESPN, featured squarely against some other incredible moments over the past two decades worth of rivalry games.

So, it got me thinking. What are your favorite UCLA Rivalry Game moments over the past years?

It could be any sport. Any year. You pick it.

Drop ‘em below and let’s discuss.