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Garrett Mitchell again goes in the first round

The outfielder was mocked in the first round — but at 10th and 21st — in two popular mock drafts

Washington v UCLA Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB Draft should be taking place this June, and likely for the first time in some time, it’s going to be a must-see TV event. Typically, it goes without much publication, yet this time around, with no baseball on the horizon, it’s likely to be the biggest baseball event of the summer (until they open the season).

With that being said, and with the new format for the MLB Draft this year (5 rounds instead of 40), it’s big news to be mocked in the first round. That’s just where Garrett Mitchell has been mocked as of late, and after going at Pick 20 to the Milwaukee Brewers earlier this week, he’s climbed those rankings now.

Baseball America and The Athletic each put out a mock draft this week and Mitchell saw his name as high as No. 10 overall, to the Los Angeles Angels. Baseball America’s Carlos Collazo pens:

10. Los Angeles Angels: Garrett Mitchell, OF, UCLA

Mitchell has long been one of the more polarizing players in the class. Lately his name has been mentioned more in the 7-12 range than the top six range that we’ve had him going in previously. That could be a function of teams talking through his diabetes, or simply because of his riskier offensive profile. We have him going to a team here who has previously taken a shot on a tooled up outfielder with some bat questions and looked great for it.

And then, in The Athletic’s mock draft, Mitchell had to wait a few more scrolls to see his name, but near a familiar landing spot, No. 21 overall to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Athletic’s Keith Law writes:

21. St. Louis Cardinals: Garrett Mitchell, OF, UCLA

Mitchell is an 80 runner and sure centerfielder, but teams are scared off by multiple factors, from questions about whether his swing will work with wood to health concerns given his diabetes. He reminds me a bit of Drew Stubbs, who wasn’t exactly the same kind of player — more power, a bit less speed, a slightly better defender at the same age — but went in the top ten picks in 2006.

We’ll keep up with all of Mitchell’s sightings in mock drafts as they come about because unfortunately we won’t be tracking all of his swings through the end of this month in what should have been the Pac-12 Baseball Championships.

Regardless, looks like we’ll have another pro to root on very, very soon!