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Governor Newsom says sports could return to California, sans fans, in June

The sports world could return in June to California, albeit without any fans in the stands

Chicago Bulls v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

It may not pertain to collegiate athletics, yet, but California Governor Gavin Newsom has stated that professional sports could return in the first week of June, without fans in the stands.

Sure, it would be completely different than what we’re used to watching, but sports return in June to California would be a great thing for getting college sports back for the fall. There may be no fans, but some normalcy like sporting events from your favorite teams in the pro ranks, and your Bruins returning, could only mean good things.

Newsom spoke at length about it, and shared that California has been seeing a sharp decline in coronavirus numbers amid the safer-at-home regulations.

Here’s his full statement:

We’ve seen with the limited amount of sporting events that have started to take place once again across the country and the globe, no fans has been an adjustment, but it really hasn’t been that bad.

For those UFC events that have taken place in Florida, you can hear the punches landing. The NASCAR race that took place this weekend, you can hear every bit of noise from the cars as if you were there. The Bundesliga matches in Europe this past weekend showcased heavy breathing and the dull thuds of soccer balls like never before.

No fans would absolutely be an adjustment, but no fans and sports beats the hell out of no fans and no sports. As long as it’s safe for our student-athletes, of course.